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Astute Medical offers the Astute140® Meter as an accurate, more rapid testing platform for novel biomarkers of acute medical conditions. An in vitro diagnostic device, the Astute140® Meter is a rapid instrument intended for use, in conjunction with the NephroCheck® Test, by trained medical professionals in a laboratory environment.




Introducing the
Astute140® Meter.

Putting Novel Biomarkers to Use


After inserting the NephroCheck® Test cartridge into the Astute140® Meter, the meter will provide a test result in approximately 20 minutes.

Ensuring Quality Control & Convenience


Certain precautions ensure reliable and accurate test results by offering multiple quality control procedures (internal, external and electronic) that may be performed before the Astute140® Meter produces test results. Specific tests may have multiple immunoassays; in such cases the fluorescent signals from each assay are converted into concentrations, providing a quantitative test result. The Astute140® Meter uses a sandwich immunoassay technique along with fluorescence detection technology to quantitatively measure novel biomarker concentrations and displays test results on its LCD screen. Users may print the results with the Meter’s internal printer or may electronically transmit results to their laboratory information systems (LIS), if connected.

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