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Astute Medical is focused on identifying novel biomarkers for acute conditions and diseases. Our first offering is for acute kidney injury (AKI). These novel biomarkers can assist the clinician with an earlier and more reliable patient risk assessment. With ongoing research on novel biomarkers, we will reach our goal: creating solutions to previously unmet clinical needs that may improve patient outcomes.
Astute works with novel biomarkers of acute kidney injury. ASTUTE MEDICAL

Testing with Novel Biomarkers of Acute Kidney Injury

Through our stringent process of exploration, validation and clinical trials, we create tools that health care professionals can trust and rely on, right from the start. Using novel biomarkers of acute kidney injury (AKI) and other disease states, our tools provide clinical support for assessment of the critically ill patient. Our first offering, the NephroCheck® Test, performed on the Astute140® Meter, accurately assesses risk of AKI. And because it produces results within minutes, it may lead to earlier and improved patient treatment.

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During physician assessment of critically ill patient before diagnosis of AKI, our tools help with AKI risk assessment. REVIEW ASTUTE TOOLS

Announcing a Publication on Novel Biomarkers of Acute Kidney Injury

Two multicenter observational studies in critically ill patients at risk for AKI are complete, and the findings are now available to review here. The results, published in Critical Care, include exciting and clinically relevant conclusions: These independent multicenter cohorts identified and then validated two novel biomarkers for AKI risk assessment; comparisons to existing biomarkers showed the newly identified markers are superior and provide additional mechanistic insight into AKI.

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Offering Resources on Novel Biomarkers of Acute Conditions

Our commitment to identifying novel biomarkers of acute kidney injury and similar conditions is aligned with the need to provide supportive education for these disease state areas. Currently, our research and clinical teams are exploring biomarkers in a variety of disease states such as acute kidney injury, acute coronary syndrome, abdominal pain, cerebrovascular injury and sepsis. We invite the medical community to utilize our latest educational tools and resources, as our research leads to additional breakthroughs.

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