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Novel Biomarkers of AKI Identified.
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Committed to improving patient outcomes through innovative measures and clinical tools, Astute Medical continually works to identify and validate unique, novel biomarkers of acute kidney injury (AKI) and other acute conditions. Identifying such biomarkers is crucial to producing risk assessment tools that aid the physician in providing rapid, life-saving responses.

Our process includes two independent observational studies and—after validating the new biomarkers we have identified—publication of the study results. As we publish clinically relevant findings, we will provide important details and links to the publications, available below.

Discovery and Validation Studies

Published by Critical Care, the results of our recent Discovery and Validation studies include important conclusions: The two independent multicenter studies identified and validated two novel biomarkers for AKI risk assessment, both of which were shown to be superior to existing markers while providing additional mechanistic insight into AKI.

For all the details on the background, methods and conclusions of the Discovery and Sapphire studies, review the results or study the educational slides.

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