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Invested in Novel Biomarker Products

Astute Medical's focus on novel biomarkers related to acute kidney injury (AKI) and other acute conditions has drawn interest and funding from leading healthcare companies. Dedicated to improving patient outcomes, our investors support Astute Medical because they recognize our expertise in developing novel diagnostic products and furthering research on novel biomarkers.


Secured through Series A, Series B and Series C financing, our investments to date have reached $86.1 Million. Astute Medical appreciates the vision of our investors, which include De Novo Ventures, Domain Associates, Delphi Ventures, and Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation, MPM Capital and Kaiser Permanente Ventures.

Healthy Investing


To support or invest in novel biomarker products and clinical tools, contact Astute Medical.

Investors' Insights

Considering potential investment opportunities involving the novel biomarkers or healthcare fields? Consider what our current partners are saying:





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